Project KoBo34

Intuitive interaction with cooperative assistance robots for the 3rd and 4th age

In the KoBo34 project, older people are to be supported in their independent and self-determined life. The focus is on intuitive haptic interaction during two-armed tasks such as serving and clearing trays, offering drinks and snacks or helping with shopping. The target group are residents in nursing homes and all stakeholders.

Coordinated motion generation and object placement

A bimanual planning and control framework integrating dual quaternion-based planning with force-feedback control.

Reactive Cooperative Manipulation

A reactive cooperative motion generation framework based on circular fields with a flexible bimanual task-execution strategy that includes both equality and set-based tasks.

Rm-Code: Proprioceptive Real-Time Recursive Multi-Contact Detection, Isolation and Identification

Rm-Code a real-time multi-contact detection, isolation, and identification algorithm that can solve any solvable contact situation with noise-free data but is very susceptible to noise.