Leschs Kosmos: GARMI on TV

In 2070, approximately 21.2 million people will be older than 67 in 2070 – how can we manage this demographic change? In the current episode of “Lesch’s Kosmos”, reporters Liyang Zhao and Harald Lesch – two generations – deal with the question of how new technologies can help us meet the challenges of demographic change.

Dr. Abdeldjallil Naceri (Senior Scientist and Project Leader at the TUM Forschungszentrum Geriatronik) presents the current state of research on GARMI and gives us an insight on how GARMI can positively influence the daily living of elderly people in future.

In close cooperation with the Klinikum rechts der Isar (MRI), the research site in Garmisch is also investigating the contribution GARMI can make in the field of telemedicine. Prof. Dirk Wilhelm (MRI) demonstrates how an ultrasound examination can be carried out remotely with the help of GARMI. Finally, Prof. Lilienthal presents the AI. factory and thus the factory of the future.

You can watch the entire broadcast in the ZDF Mediathek.