Our core facilities are a central element to ensure state-of-the-art research and the transfer of the research to the public. This specialized infrastructure guarantees a continuous exchange of demands and needs of elderly people and caretakers and allows target-oriented human-centered research and education.

Geriatronics apartment

In cooperation with LongLeif, an apartment was created which offers the latest developments to support a self-determined life in the own home. The apartment is also designed as a training area for the in-house developed robot systems. It offers a realistic environment for all tests before the robot can move into a pilot apartment as a real roommate.


All different locations have access to well appointed workshops. These include electrical and mechanical tools as well as 3D printers. This allows for fast and flexible adaption and development of prototypes for the different systems.

Telemedical practice

The telemedical workstation presents a possible setup for the activities and work of medical experts. With the support of a robotic device the doctor can control another robot which is in direct contact with the patient. Thus, medical screenings can be done over long distances. The development is done in close contact to different physicians to allow an user-centered process