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Human Digital Twin

The human digital twin comprises an integrative model, which can represent the body under various healthy and diseased physiological states. This technology will be developed for:

  • Supporting individualized medical decisions, including diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment planning (i.e. therapy or surgery).
  • Simulation-based in silico testing of new treatments or assistive devices prior to testing on humans.
  • Health monitoring and preventative medicine in combination with heterogeneous (wearable) sensor networks.

This technology may also be used for teaching and training in the medical field.

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Exoskeleton support

A simulation model of an upper limb wearable exoskeleton coupled with an upper-limb human neuromechanics model is used to show the effect of exoskeleton support during a power drilling task.

Journey inside myself

The human digital twin allows us to estimate muscle forces by simply tracking the motion of the arm.

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