Geriatronics Summit 2023

Invited Speakers

Alphabetical Order

Arash Ajoudani

Director of the Human-Robot Interfaces and Interaction (HRI²) laboratory,  
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) 

Tamim Asfour

Full Professor at the Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Elisabeth André

Chair for Human-Centered
Artificial Intelligence,
Universität Ausburg

Tapomayukh Bhattacharjee

Head of EmPRISE Laboratory, 
Assist. Prof.  Depart., Computer Science,
Cornell University

Praminda Caleb-Solly

Professor of Embodied Intelligence, 
School of Computer Science, 

University of Nottingham

Filippo Cavallo

Head of BioRobotics Lab,
Professor of Biomedical Robotics,
University of Florence 

Sylvain Calinon

Senior Research Scientist,
Idiap Research Institute,
Lecturer Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Maurice Elissen

Specialist nurse for 
intensive care and anesthesia,  
University Hospital RWTH Aachen

Fanny Ficuciello

Assistant Professor of
Robotics and Automation,

University of Naples Federico II

Sami Haddadin

Chair of Robotics and Systems Intelligence, Director of the Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI),
Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Eva Hornecker

Chair of Human Computer Interaction, Computer Science and Media dept. ,
Bauhaus Universität Weimar 

Manfred Hulsken-Giesler

Chair of Nursing Science, 
Nursing scientist and vocational educator, 
University of Osnabrueck

Sina Langensiepen

Postdoc Researcher, 
PfleKoRo Project, 
University Hospital RWTH Aachen

Ruth Müller

Associate Prof. of Science & Technology Policy and Deputy Dept. Head  at Sch. of Social Sciences & Technology,
Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Leila Takayama

Human-robot interaction specialist,
Founder of Hoku Labs and Vice-President of Design and HRI at Robust.AI

Emmanuel Senft

Head of the Human-centered 
Robotics and AI group, 
Idiap Research Institute

Eva Swinnen

Prof. Neurological Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Technology, Research Group Rehabilitation Research (RERE),
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Rainer Wieching

Head of Health and Prevention,
Universität Siegen