Geriatronics Summit 2023

Call for Contributions

Important Dates

Submission date:                    J̶u̶n̶e̶ ̶6̶     June 20, 2023 (CEST)
Notification of Acceptance:  J̶u̶n̶e̶ ̶1̶6̶   June 24, 2023

We would like to invite early-career researchers working on topics related to Geriatronics, human-robot interaction, and technology for supporting the care of older adults to submit contributions to the Summit. We are looking for extended abstracts (máx) 4 pages (IEEE two-column Conference format) without references.
The papers will be peer-reviewed (single-blind) for the relevance of content to the workshop and basic quality. The selected extended abstracts and videos will be disseminated and available in this website. Accepted manuscripts will be invited to present a teaser of their work to all participants of the workshop (single-track presentation). The spotlight teasers will be accompanied by posters during the interactive session at the coffee-break.
We would like to especially encourage women and young researchers’ participation, in order to support gender balance in robotics and the promotion of early-career researchers to present themselves to the community.

Best Paper Award - 500 €

With the generous support of Friends of Geriatronics e.V. we are able to offer three best poster awards with a total of 1000€.

🏆 We are very proud to present this year’s Best Paper Award Winners at the Geriatronics Summit 2023 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

🏅Winner (500€): Rafael I. Cabral Muchacho
CvP-C: Not a QP-based approach for Safe Robot Control during Physical Interaction
Autoren: Rafael I. Cabral, Luis Figueredo, Sami Haddadin

🥈2nd Place (300€): Julius Ambros & Leon Ochtendung
Development of a Vertical Gait Therapy Extension for a Robotic In-bed Mobilization Device
Authors: Julius Ambros*, Leon Ochtendung*, Laura Tissari, Dr. Hendrik Börner
* Both are first authors in the presentation

🥉3rd Place (200€): Eva Theresa Jahn
Design evaluation of service robot GARMI: Survey in the Pinakothek d. Moderne & Deutsches Museum (project KoBo34) 
Authors: Eva Jahn, Abdeldjallil Nacerie, Luis Figueredo, Sami Haddadin
🥉3rd Place (200€): Yuhe Gong
Episodic TD3: Introducing Movement Primitives into Actor-Critic Algorithms
Yuhe Gong, Maximillian Huettenrauch, Onur Celik, Gerhard Neumann

Topics of Interest

● Safe Control of Physical interaction;
● Applications for Service Robotics;
● Health-Care and Humanoids;
● Whole-body Control of Physical Interaction with Humans;
● Human-in-the-loop Control;
● Rehabilitation Robotics;
● Human Movement;
● Tele-operation of Humanoid Robots;
● Automation and Digital Twins;
● Muscolo-skeletal Models and Ergonomics
● Collaborative and Ergonomics Control
● Applications for Humanoid Robots in the Future;
● Design and Control of Actuators for Human-Robot
● Safety/softness in Physical Human-Robot Interaction;
● Applications in Wearable and Haptic Devices;

● Applications for Service Robotics
● Health-Care and Humanoids
● Evaluation of Robotics from a Care Perspective
● User Involvement in Design and Development of Healthcare Robotics
● Technization in Nursing Care 
● Dignity and Autonomy as Fundamental Rights in Human-Machine-Relations
● Rehabilitation Robotics
● Informed Consent within the Patient-Doctor Relationship
● Nursing and robotics within Healthcare
● Robotics in nursing
● Ethic guidelines in robotics and AI in Healthcare
● Law and regulation
● Design of the Robot and Autonomy: Regulation of Design