Robot Assistant GARMI

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GARMI is designed to be a humanoid robotic assistant for the elderly. The humanoid is a robotic platform that helps seniors with activities of daily living, such as doing housework. The humanoid can physically assist a patient during rehabilitation exercises and/or even assist the doctor during the first stages of a telemedicine-based doctor visit. By equipping GARMI with measuring devices for example ECG, sphygmomanometer, and ultrasound, combined with the use of IoT-sensors, the doctor has access to relevant health parameters to be able to act rapidly in cases of emergency.

GARMI is also designed to improve communication with family and friends by adding a new haptic channel to audio-visual communication.

Safe Operation

Interact safely with Garmis’s whole-body torque-control interface designed for safe physical human-robot interaction and collaboration.

Tactile Telemedicine

Diagnose, rehabilitate and monitor health condition and communicate remotely with the tactile avatar mode. GARMI serves as an interface for emergency assistance.

Natural human-machine communication

GARMI features a sensor-equipped multi-modal head designed for natural human-machine communication.


Customize Garmi to your needs. Train GARMI’s skills in cloud simulation environments.

GARMI is located at the center of society in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Garching, and Munich

Geriatronics attracts brilliant minds in the fields of robotics and AI to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This district has the highest proportion of elderly people in the Free State of Bavaria and offers an excellent network of local doctors, clinics, and nursing homes.