Annual Conference of the German Ethics Council

Robots PARTI and GARMI are being introduced at the annual Conference of the German Ethics Council. Picture: Deutscher Ethikrat

On Wednesday, June 26, 2019, the German Ethics Council held its annual meeting to discuss the complex ethical questions raised by the use of robotic technologies in care and especially in nursing for the elderly.

Together with scientists from computer science, medicine, psychology, medical ethics, law, and cultural anthropology, potentials and challenges that arise in dealing with new assistive systems for the various target groups in nursing care for the elderly were discussed. In his introductory keynote, Prof. Haddadin stressed the importance of putting the human being first when employing robotics and artificial intelligence technology in care. The new technologies should be a tool for independent aging at home. Furthermore, the first prototype of the robotic assistant GARMI was presented by scientists from the MSRM in a telemedical scenario. 


Pflege – Roboter – Ethik. Ethische Herausforderungen der Technisierung der Pflege