Nachrichten und Veranstaltungen

Geriatronics Symposium

The Geriatronics-Summit aims to bring to light the current and envisioned robotic solutions in the context of Geriatronics1 and to raise awareness among policy-makers with respect to corresponding technology. The event aims at addressing the following questions:

  • How to address through Geriatronics the increasing shortage and geographic disparities of care providers and the overburdened health care?  
  • How robotics and AI can enhance independence, mobility, self-determination, and health for the elderly for as long as possible?
  • What are the rules of autonomy? How to address moral, ethical and cultural, and/or personal challenges and dilemmas for Geriatronics?

MobIPaR gewann den euRobotics Tech Transfer Award 2021

The “Modeling and Rehabilitation Robotics” research team developed a safe and minimalistic control and learning (AI) algorithm, which automatically finds and provides the optimal balance between rigid support and “soft” guidance for any given patient during therapy. This assist-as-needed (AAN) control strategy is being commercialized in collaboration with the high-tech startup Reactive Robotics and Schön Klinik Bad Aibling, as part of a robotic assistive device called VEMO, used for the early rehabilitation of ICU patients.

Eröffnung Forschungszentrum Geriatronik

Menschen in Industriestaaten werden immer älter, zugleich fehlen qualifizierte Pflegekräfte. Ein Projekt der Technischen Universität München (TUM) soll Abhilfe schaffen: Am heute eröffneten TUM-Anwender- und Forschungszentrum „Geriatronik“ in Garmisch-Partenkirchen werden zukünftig Roboterassistenten entwickelt und in Feldstudien erprobt, die ein selbstbestimmtes Leben auch im hohen Alter möglich machen sollen. Unterstützt wird das Projekt von der Bayerischen Staatsregierung und dem Markt Garmisch-Partenkirchen.