Geriatronics Symposium

The Geriatronics-Summit aims to bring to light the current and envisioned robotic solutions in the context of Geriatronics1 and to raise awareness among policy-makers with respect to corresponding technology. The event aims at addressing the following questions:

  • How to address through Geriatronics the increasing shortage and geographic disparities of care providers and the overburdened health care?  
  • How robotics and AI can enhance independence, mobility, self-determination, and health for the elderly for as long as possible?
  • What are the rules of autonomy? How to address moral, ethical and cultural, and/or personal challenges and dilemmas for Geriatronics?

1. Geriatronics refers to the use of robotics, mechatronics and information technology, in particular machine intelligence and 3D technology, in geriatrics, gerontology and in the medical care of elderly people for optimal support and for the maintenance and improvement of self-determination in old age.

Invited Speakers

For more details about the speakers see the tentative program below

Tentative Agenda – Monday 20.06

For more details about the agenda see the tentative program below

Tentative Agenda – Tuesday 21.06

For more details about the agenda see the tentative program below

Call for Papers

We invite early-career researchers and the robotics, AI, regulation and Geriatronics community to submit an extended abstract (2 to 3 pages in IEEE Conf format with 2 columns) to with the subject: “[Geriatronics-Summit][Paper Submission] Title of the paper

We will especially encourage women and young researchers participation, in order to support gender balance in robotics and the promotion of early-career researchers to present themselves to the community.

After a light review, authors of accepted manuscripts will be invited to give a pitch of their work to everyone in the venue (single-track). The talks will be accompanied by posters during an interactive session.

GARMI Best Student Short-Paper Award – Powered by Vodafone:

The award for the best extended abstract will reflect both the quality of the document, as well as the quality of the presentation and the poster interaction.
An Awardee committee will decide the winner!
Get ready and prepare your best work!

We are also very happy to announce that Vodafone also offered a 250 € cash award for the winner!!!

Important Dates:
Submission Deadline:    June 12 (extended!)
Notification of Acceptance: June 15
Presentation: June 20

Topics of Interest

● Safe Control of Physical interaction;
● Applications for Service Robotics;
● Health-Care and Humanoids;
● Whole-body Control of Physical Interaction with Humans;
● Human-in-the-loop Control;
● Rehabilitation Robotics;
● Human Movement;
● Tele-operation of Humanoid Robots;
● Automation and Digital Twins;
● Muscolo-skeletal Models and Ergonomics
● Collaborative and Ergonomics Control
● Applications for Humanoid Robots in the Future;
● Design and Control of Actuators for Human-Robot
● Safety/softness in Physical Human-Robot Interaction;
● Applications in Wearable and Haptic Devices;

● Dignity and Autonomy as Fundamental Rights in
● EU (GDPR) Rules on Automated Decision Making and
● EU (GDPR) Data Protection Rules and Informed Consent
of the Data Subject
● Informed Consent within the Patient-Doctor Relationship
● Code and Autonomy: Regulation by Design
● Design of the Robot and Autonomy: Regulation of Design
● The Ethics Guidelines of the High Level Expert Group on
AI & Autonomy
● Contracts, Party Autonomy and Robots
● Autonomy, Robots, and Criminal Law
● Standardization of Robots and Human Autonomy
● Nursing and robotics within Healthcare



Hotel am Badersee

Hotel am Badersee
Am Badersee 1-5
82491 Grainau,
Phone: +49 (8821) 821-0


Getting here information:


The summit is unfortunately limited to 60 people — including speakers — due to Covid regulations and hotel limitations.

Please register as soon as possible through the REGISTRATION LINK.

Please be considerate with others: In case you cannot attend, please cancel your ticket at the Eventbrite platform and write us at ( with the subject [Summit]: Ticket Cancellation.

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The compiled information can be found in the tentative program below